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Primary Line of Business: Importation, processing and distribution of certified seeds. 


KHS is run by a team of executive directors with a combined experience in the industry of over 65 years and as a result the company has seen successive year on year growth. KHS currently employs a team of 70 staff and has offices and warehousing facilities in Nairobi.


Kenya Highland Seed (KHS) was established in 1998 and has been supplying Top Quality Open Pollinated and Hybrid seeds to the farming community since 2000. We have an extensive portfolio of established hybrids under our brand 'Royal Seed' , including Tomatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Peppers, Carrots, Watermelons and and sell a wide range of large and small vegetable seeds with particular focus on high yielding hybrids.

Below are the main factors leading to our Company growth:

  1. Improved Hybrid Seed
  2. Focus on working with small scale growers
  3. Penetration of improved exporter grower products and varieties

Vision: To be the leading supplier of quality seeds for Africa

Mission: At Kenya Highland Seed, we make it our business to understand growing conditions and farmer's needs, to better provide high quality vegetable seeds well adapted for Africa.

Our Vision And Mission

To become one of the leading contributors in the South African economy


To become a world-class competitor in the development of high quality and intuitive software and technology products that will ensure a pleasant user experience by simplifying program development and user interaction.


To produce software that is absolutely correct, that is easily maintained and modified, and to deliver a high quality solution on time.


At Royal Seed there is a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for the agricultural sector. Royal seed has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and forward -thinking organisation committed to sustainable farming methods because of its dedication to offering farmers high quality and safely sourced seeds.

Having trails fields at our premises is a distinctive quality that distinguishes Royal seed from other seed companies . In these fields, seeds are cultivated and put to the test before being sold to clients. These  guarantees the sources are the most outstanding quality and are resilient to various growing environments.

Royal Seed also uses the trial fields to create new seed kinds more suited to farmers’ requirements. The seed nursery of Our Royal Seed is another crucial aspect. The seeds are carefully tended in the greenhouse until the are planted. Modern tools and highly trained personnel ensures every source is given the finest care possible at the nursery. The seeds from Royal Seed are exceptional because of this focus on detail.

1. Solar Energy

 Sustainability is another priority for Royal Seed. The business runs the complex on solar energy, which not only  lowers its carbon footprint but also guarantees a consistent source of electricity.

2. Recycling 

Royal Seed Also recycles Plastics. The  business collects and recycles plastic bags, containers, and other materials as part  of its commitment to lowering waste. This not inly reduces trash but also assists keeping our Mother Earth cleaner!.




3. Compost

Royal Seed also has composting system in place for recycling.  The trail fields and nursery are fertilised with compost created by processing all plant matter and organic waste. This method  encourages healthy soil and plant growth while reducing the need for chemical fertilizer.

4. Rain Water Harvesting 

Royal Seed also collects rain water in the trial fries and greenhouse where seedlings are grown. This method lowers the cost of irrigation while also conserving water.

In conclusion Royal Seed is an organisation to supplying farmers with premium seeds and encouraging ecologically responsible and sustainable agriculture methods. Royal Seed is a leader in agriculture, with trail fields, seed nursery, solar energy utilisation and recycling initiatives.




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