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KEPHIS is the agency in Kenya with mandate to protect Kenya's agriculture from pests and diseases that could impact upon the environment, economy and human health. KEPHIS offers inspectorate services on all matters related to plant health and quality control of agricultural inputs and produce.


Streamlined Systems is a specialist Consultancy and NITA certified training provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide unique, tailor-made services and business solutions to a vast range of business sectors throughout Africa.

Seed Trade Association of Kenya (STAK), is an association for seed companies registered in Kenya by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), to produce, process and/or distribute seed. STAK members control 90% of the formal seed sector in Kenya. STAK strives to promote interests of seed enterprises through use of quality seed. Members sell only quality seed and adhere to ethical practices at all times.

AFSTA, the African Seed Trade Association, whose mission is to promote trade in quality seed and technologies in Africa for the benefit of members and farmers. AFSTA was formally established in March 2000 during and inaugural congress in South Africa where Kenya was elected as the host country for the Secretariat. The African Seed Trade Association arose out of the need to have a regional representative body for the seed industry, which could also serve to promote the development of private seed enterprises. A Range of African and international stakeholders commenced discussions early in 1997. This developed into a preparatory meeting held in Malawi in April 1999 where an Ad Hoc working group was nominated. The group developed a draft constitution, by laws, and budgets, which were finalised at a meeting in Kenya in August 1999. Currently membership stands at 92 and AFSTA now has diplomatic status.

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