Kenya Highland Seed (KHS) was established in 1998 and has been supplying Top quality Open Pollinated and Hybrid seeds to the farming community since 2000. 

We have an extensive portfolio of established hybrids under our brand 'Royal Seed' , including Tomatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Peppers, Carrots, Watermelons and Kale (sukuma wiki), and sell a wide range of large and small vegetable seeds with particular focus on high yielding hybrids. 

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To our esteemed farmers ~ Royal Seed gladly invites you to participate in a competition for the Best Testimonials sent to us on our seed varieties. See our News & Events page for more information.

Tomato Onyx F1 from Kenya Highland Seed


Introducing Tomato Onyx F1, Tomato Strike F1 and many more! See our News & Events section for more information. 

For all our new varieties and full details see our Domestic Seeds section.


Retail prices inclusive of VAT ~

10 gm. ~ 46.00

25 gm. ~ 81.00


50 gm. ~ 139.00

100 gm. ~ 253.00

250 gm. ~ 550.00

500 gm. ~ 1,000.00

Seed Trade Association of Kenya

Seed Trade Association of Kenya. Member.

African Seed Trade Association

African Seed Trade Association. Member

Watermelon Asali F1 

Carrot Super Kuroda FOR TROPICAL AREAS!

Innovation through Demonstration - ''Field of Dreams'' project          

In 2009 - 2010, Kenya Highland Seed (KHS) partnered a pilot programme with the Kenya Horticultural Development Programme (KHDP), funded jointly by USAid and KHS. The project centred around the setting up of 17 demonstration fields which were to be managed by individual farmers, with hybrid seeds given by KHS who would also provide full backing and support, including training by experienced agronomists. The project was deemed to be a runaway success with well over 750 farmers attending the various 'Field Days'.

Now, two years on and still running the 17 pilot sites, KHS want to take the initiative further with the ''Field of Dreams'' project........read more....

Glory Pepper Pack

Our ''Sundowner'' Pepper Pack is so called because it reflects the colours in the glorious sunsets of Kenya. Consisting of a multi-pack of our 'Glory' pepper seed range - Red Glory, Orange Glory and Yellow Glory, this special pack comes in Lamuyo, Blocky or mixed. For full product details and for ordering please contact us

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