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Primary Line of Business: Importation, processing and distribution of certified seeds. 

Kenya Highland Seed Company Limited (KHSCL) wants to be the leader in promoting sustainable farming in Africa. To enable us realize this vision we have established a Center of Excellence in At River to enable us share knowledge and be practices with our farmers. By so doing, we believe that we will contribute to meeting society's food needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to continue farming.

 A qualified professional team comprising of Executive Directors, Finance & IT Professionals, Agronomists, and a fully-fledged Sales & Marketing Team runs the business.

Our main success factors have been:

  1. Our packaging facility in Nairobi allows us to offer versatile packaging solutions of seeds that are demanded by the farmer's needs.
  2. Sales of high quality Open Pollinated Seeds
  3. Introduction of Improved Hybrid Seed
  4. Focus on working with small-scale growers
  5. Penetration of improved exporter grower products and varieties

Let’s Grow Together – by creating strategic partnerships with breeders, suppliers, distributors and farmers, we want to be amongst the leading distributors of Quality Seeds for Africa.

Our mission is to provide high quality seeds and services to improve the profitability and livelihoods of farmers, promote sustainable farming and contribute to Food Security in Africa.


RRespect & Reliability

OOptimist & Originality

YYearning to Innovate, Learn and Transfer Knowledge

AAgility & Assurance

L – Loyalty & Leadership


At Royal Seed there is a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for the agricultural sector. Royal seed has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and forward -thinking organisation committed to sustainable farming methods because of its dedication to offering farmers high quality and safely sourced seeds.

Having trails fields at our premises is a distinctive quality that distinguishes Royal seed from other seed companies. In these fields, seeds are cultivated and put to the test before being sold to clients. These guarantees the sources are the most outstanding quality and are resilient to various growing environments.

Royal Seed also uses the trial fields to create new seed kinds more suited to farmers’ requirements. The seed nursery of Our Royal Seed is another crucial aspect. The seeds are carefully tended in the greenhouse until the are planted. Modern tools and highly trained personnel ensure every source is given the finest care possible at the nursery. The seeds from Royal Seed are exceptional because of this focus on detail.

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 Sustainability is another priority for Royal Seed.

Solar Energy

The business runs the complex on solar energy, which not only lowers its carbon footprint but also guarantees a consistent source of electricity.

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Royal Seed Also recycles Plastics..

Plastic Recycling

The business collects and recycles plastic bags, containers, and other materials as part of its commitment to lowering waste. This not only reduces trash but also assists keeping our Mother Earth cleaner.

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Royal Seed also has composting system in place for recycling.

Organic Manure

The trail fields and nursery are fertilised with compost created by processing all plant matter and organic waste. This method encourages healthy soil and plant growth while reducing the need for chemical fertilizer.

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Rain Water Harvesting

Royal Seed also collects rainwater in the trial fields and greenhouse.

Rain Water Harvesting

Royal Seed also collects rainwater in the trial fields and greenhouse where seedlings are grown. This method lowers the cost of irrigation while also conserving water.

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Farmer Trainings

Farmers from various regions eagerly come to Royal Seed for training programs

Training Center

Royal Seed training center is a testament to our unwavering commitment to improving farming practices a cross the region.

In conclusion Royal Seed is an organisation to supplying farmers with premium seeds and encouraging ecologically responsible and sustainable agriculture methods. Royal Seed is a leader in agriculture, with trail fields, seed nursery, solar energy utilisation and recycling initiatives.

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